qDslrDashboard V0.1.4_beta

Uploaded qDslrDashboard V0.1.4_beta


  • Canon 6D internal wifi works (including live view) – thanks to Gunther for testing
  • Nikon camera angle level for models that support it – will later see to add pitching and yawing display to for cameras that support it
  • Last capture display button (play button) on right side that will display the last captured image if there is one
  • some small fixes and layout changes to the LRTimelapse screen
  • when searching for USB and network devices if there is only one device the application will establish the connection automatically
  • small bug fixes

60 thoughts on “qDslrDashboard V0.1.4_beta”

  1. Hi,
    you did a great job with dslrDashBord vor Android an with your qdslrboard for Windows.
    I think you should have a e-mail newsletter with your news.
    So i can follow all your new versions.
    best regards


  2. Is the source code for the android application available?

      1. Why don’t you release it under GPL? I need the Linux source code for some debugging.

    1. Yes, indeed.
      The program is great!
      It would be even greater if the program can automaticly transfer the result file to the client if a new file is detected on the SDCard or after the camera shutter button has been pressed.
      This will allow to use the lightroom auto-import feature as a tethering function.
      At this moment the result is only auto-transferred to the host after the UI shutter button is pressed.

      1. For Nikon DSLR you can change the ‘Recording destination’ under the Image category. This property controls where will be the image saved (SD card, SDRAM, SD card + SDRAM ).
        On Canon DSLR I must check this.

  3. Zoltan, how do you connect the 6D to DsrlDashboard? In the app, what Network connection steps do yo take to make the connection? … Starter Server, Connect to OpenWrt/Linux or Connect to WU-1a/1b?

    1. With DslrDashboard (Android only) you can connect with USB or using the MR3040 (Connect to OpenWrt/Linux).
      With qDslrDashboard (cross platform) you use USB and Network connection (MR3040) and you can also connect with the 6D internal wireless using the ‘Canon WFT’ button.

  4. I installed qDslrDashboard on a Windows XP machine. I found that zadig_xp_2.1.0 did not work but the previous version zadig_xp_V2.0.1.162 worked okay. The Wireless via the WU-1a is interesting. I’m still figuring it out. Thanks.

  5. I installed qDSLR on my:
    * Android device = works great
    * desktop PC (win8-64prof) = works great
    * Notebook (win8-64prof) = crashes all the time

    Please help – I like the new version very much!


  6. Tried to install qDslrDashboard V0.1.4_beta on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 with 4.1.2 jelly Bean. All I got was a blank black screen.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  7. Thanks for your great app. This is what I was looking for long time ago.
    I tested qdslr 0.1.4 (both Andriod version and Windows Version) on Canon EOS500D, and found AF button is not working in LV mode. Without LV, AF works fine.

    And hope ios version will come out soon.

    Thanks again.

  8. Hi Zoltan
    I have DslrDashboard Version 0.30.30 onmy Nexus 7 (2013)
    Latest software on your site says Version 0.1.4
    So I have a higher verion, do I ?
    How come, or are I am mistaken


  9. Hi Zoltan
    what is a crossplattform version, I tought its one version for all platforms, but I find for each plattform a seperate software.

    Where do I find 0.30.33 for download, or how can I update, sorry I am just a user.

    I did buy all the staff (Nexus, Router etc) some month ago, but it never worked reliable, so it was of no use for me at that time.
    Now I want to give the whole thing another try.
    Do I have also to update the router software and also openCV (I have V 2.16)?
    grateful for a helpfull answer


    using MR3040 V1
    Nikon D3x and D800

    1. DslrDashboard is on Google Play – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dslr.dashboard
      qDslrDashboard for Android is here : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxMZ8XY3H2wicDd2VTgwaTZqWE0/edit?usp=sharing

      Both application contain the OpenCV libraries so OpenCV Manager is not needed.
      Both application require the ddserver OpenWrt V0.12 firmware that can be found on the download page: http://dslrdashboard.info/downloads/

      Instruction for updating the firmware is here : http://dslrdashboard.info/tp-link-mr3040-firmware-upgrade/

      1. Hi Zoltan

        I did update from 0.30.30 to 0.30.33

        Now I can not connect to the router any more, neither with the D3x nor with the D800.
        Shall I downgrade again or do you have an idea?

  10. Hi Zoltán,

    Following the other guys, DSLRDashboard is really great, we all appreciate your work.

    Tested qDslr v0.1.4 with Nikon D5300 internal Wifi and it works pretty well. In some cases it crashes when starting the connection, but once it is established, it is surprisingly stable (Considering it is beta I expected way less stability).
    I am more than happy to test this more thoroughly. Is there a dedicated forum for bug reporting or shall we use this one? Are there some specific areas / steps I should focus on?
    Tested on:
    – Win 8.1 (update 1), English, 64 bit
    – Nikon D5300
    – Wifi connection (not tried with usb yet)


  11. Hi Zoltán,
    This is the application, witch I longed for a long time.
    Thank You very much!!!
    I tested with Nikon D300, D800 and 2 nexus 7s both standalone and server modes. It mostly worked fine. Sometimes it loses the USB connection. (if the camera is not fully charged, it appears to lose the connection more often).
    I also downloaded the linux version of the app.
    Unfortunately it does not start at all.
    QMetaType::registerType: Binary compatibility break — Size mismatch for type ‘QPaintBufferCacheEntry’ [1024]. Previously registered size 0, now registering size 16.
    ./qDslrDashboard.sh: 17. sor: 5107 Félbeszakítva $BASEDIR/qDslrDashboard -platform “${PLATFORM}”

    Waiting for the next version.
    Thanks again,

  12. A very good tool to control my Nikon from my mobile phone!
    I am excited! Very good job – I will give you an extra donation.

    I got two questions:
    1.) How do I turn off the download of the NEF files to my mobile phone. D800 NEFs are big and I usually want them on the camera only but not on the phone..
    2.) I also wanted to install qDslrDashboard.exe on my laptop (Windows 8.1) and ran into a problem. The installation fails because it misses Qt5Core.dll (Iguess that is only the first in a row)
    I installed QT 5.3 but the DLL is still missing. In the web I found many entries describing similar problems but the answers of the QT guys did not make much sense to me.
    best regards

    1. Question No 2 solved.
      Sorry it seems I did not ready your installation guidlines to the end. It is running now!

  13. Hi Zoltan,

    many thanks for the Mac version.
    I work with an IMac, a macbook and my Nikon D3s with an usb-cable.

    I found three issues.

    1) qdslrDashboard do not dedected a running, online Camera.

    2) On my 13″ Book, i can’t see all the buttons an the right side.
    It should be possible to scroll up an down.

    3) When i load down the images from the camera and i switch off the camera during this session, the program freezes.

    Best regards


  14. Hi Zoltan!

    Have installed qdslr on mu Galaxy Tab 3. So long so good. When i try to cennect my EOS 7D or 60D nothing is happen. Same on my VAIO Windows 7. My cameras can´t connect to the program. Are these cams supported or not? Please let me know how i can use your fantastic program with my cams. Regards Marcel

  15. Hi Zoltan !

    Thank you so much for developing this great piece of software !

    I recently bought a Nikon D5300, and was looking forward to finally be able to shoot my hdris via wifi from my andoird phone. I was so disappointed by Nikons app, and then also your app didnt connect well at first. Long story short: I did now download the lates beta, and i have to say, everything works so great ! Also the HUD now looks great and is a lot more straightforward !

    Awesome work, which makes my hobby so much more fun !

    All the best from Vienna,

  16. Hi,

    I own a gTab 10.1 and have DSLRDashboard running without problem. Yet qDSLRDashboard would only produce a black screen. I do not know what Android “AMR” means. Does qDSLRDashboard not run on normal Android?


      1. Thanks, but same. Black screen for about 15-20 sec. then back to the last screen before I started qDSLR.
        I own a GTAB 10.1 7510 with Android 4.0.4 if that helps.

        1. Will tomorrow make you a debug build that can save the log messages, please open a new topic in forum as it is lighter to communicate.

  17. Hi,

    First off, great app you built here! I tried both qDslrDashboar and “the competition” and I really like yours better.
    I flashed my TP-Link MR3040 with your firmware and it works great with my Samsung S3 running latest OmniROM.
    However, when I try to run it on my Motorola Xoom running latest OmniROM, the app crashes on load.

    Any advice?

    Thanks for your hard work

  18. I have been running this beta on a Samsung Tab 2 tablet, wifi running a 5D Canon.

    I am running it with the LRTimelapse mode. I have found the qDSLRDD likes to crash after about 30 minutes. The screen simply goes black, and there is no recovery.

    I have found the best solution is to reboot the tablet, and reconnect with qDSLRDD and pick up where I left off. There is no harm done – I just lose a few minutes of control.

  19. Hi Zoltan;
    thanks for your great software. I am missing the super option of profils from dslr in qdslr…. is there a chance to get it in one of the next updates?


  20. Hi Zoltan,

    I really like the program.
    But I have a question, is it possible to transfer only the “new pictures” since last transfer?
    I usually use the program to get the pictures I recently taken with my Nikon to my tablet, but I do it every now and then.
    At the moment I have to transfer all pictures every time even when I maybe took just a few new.


    1. I just see that I postet that at an old version, sorry, but looks like it is still as it was then 😉

  21. Hi, thank´s for your quick answer to a previous question.
    Now 2 things:
    1. Does work Dslrdashboard with Nikon D7000 connected by USB OTG cable to a Samsung Tab3 (4.41)
    2. How download “qdslrdashboard”. In Play Store, when I type “qdslrdashboard”, thy change to “dslrdashboard”, still in my device, and don´t recognize my Nikon D7000.
    Regards from “desesperado”.

  22. Hi,
    I bought the iOS version. It is an amazing sw, thanks.
    How can I turn off automatic NEF file transfer from my Nikon D750?

  23. I have a question: you are checking the exposure value of the Cam – how many times per sec can you do this? I am asking because it would be easy detecting a heavy change in the exposure – for example during a lightning – when a lightning strike occurs – and in this case trigger the cam. I have build a device with an arduino measuring the IR spectrum and triggering the cam – but with this mechanism it must be possible just using the normal cams meter and a Tablet or phone…

    1. The event thread is running at 100ms but this only checks if the camera has new events. If the exposure metering value is changed the camera will create a property changed event. On Canon this works a bit different and as far I know the exposure metering will only work if the capture button is half pressed.

  24. I’ve used DSLR dashboard for Android with real pleasure. I will soon download qDSLRdashboard for IOS from App store. I did downloaded and installed qDSLR for windows for my Win8 PC but could not find icon for it. Where should I look for it’s exe to limk shortcut to desktop. please provide imstallation guide. thank you, love your work.

    1. For Windows qDD is distributed as a .zip archive. You should extract it to your disk and start it with qDslrDashboard.exe

  25. Hi Zoltan,

    My system:
    Win7 x64

    so far i have managed to succesfully setup my DD (NOT qDD yet) wirelessly using MR3040-Android Acer-D700.

    Not i want to use with LightRoom on my Laptop & Desktop so i think i must use qDD.

    1. I have my MR3040 converted as openWRT, but this is for DDserver only, not for qDD. Should i upgrade the MR3040 openWRT firmware? if yes with what module? (i assume i dont have to re-install openWRT from the scratch again right?)

    2. i extracted qDD for winX64 to my Desktop, and got reports that several dll needed are missing..
    i don’t know the rest.
    Can you mention here what are all of the dll’s needed for WIN7 x64 ? So i can look for them once and for all?


    1. Latest MR3040 OepnWrt firmware that also contains the ddserver package is always here: http://dslrdashboard.info/downloads/
      If you used this then you don’t need to do anything with the MR3040, if you used a plain OpenWrt then you need to upgrade the firmware with the sysupgrade image as described here: http://dslrdashboard.info/tp-link-mr3040-firmware-upgrade/

      As noted on downloads page you must install the vc_redist once, that is included in the zip archive.

    2. I had the same problem. Fixed it by installing Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 from Microsoft’s site.

  26. on my samsung galaxy tab2, when i start the appl, i only get a black screen and nothing happens till i get a message that qdslr does not respond.
    the last version that worked for me was the dslrdashboard.
    now i have tried all of the qdslrdashboard applications and all give te same result.
    please help in this matter, I will really need this app on the specified device.

    Also, i ran the debug version, but then i couldn’t find any documents folder.


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