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qDslrDashboard V3.5.7 and ControlMyCamera V1.0.0

Updated qDslrDashboard to V3.5.7 on Android and iOS.
If you already purchased qDslrDashboard on iOS you can update it to the latest version V3.5.7 by first uninstalling it and then following the instructions here:

The qDslrDashboard desktop versions (Windows, Linux, macOS) will be updated in the upcoming days.

Released ControlMyCamera V1.0.0 for iOS that replaces qDslrDashboard.

TP-Link MR3020 V3

Please note that the new TP-Link MR3020 V3 has a new CPU and it is not yet supported by the OpenWrt project ( ) and the firmware available here is not working with it.

Site and forum update

Updated the site and the forum to the latest version and also to secure https:// connection.

If you having problems with the forum display then do a hard refresh in your browser (CTRL+F5 in Windows)

qDslrDashboard V0.3.5 iOS

I’m aware of the problems on some of the iOS devices and working on a fix.

I made a test version that is tested in iTunes TestFlight.

I managed the fixed the 2 errors that where the crashing the application and if no other problem is reported I will submit the new version to Apple for review.