Sony wireless additions

In the V0.2.5 version I added the following for the Sony cameras that have wireless communication

  • exposure mode button – for models that don’t have an exposure mode dial
  • capture mode button – user can select with this button between still/movie mode
  • preview image size button – with this button the user can select the preview image size after capture. On a5100 it has the option original/2M
  • zoom in/out in live view
  • added LRTimelapse support
  • add touch AF to live view – after the user touches the live view surface the camera will try to focus at that point. Unfortunately Sony touchAF is a bit odd, as while it is in touchAF mode the properties can’t be changed, only the capture button will work. To exit the touchAF mode the user needs to press the ‘AF’ button.

Regarding the LRTimelapse support I did some testing (using the qDD interval timer) and it worked good for shutter speeds shorter then 1 second. Unfortunately on a5100 there is no option to disable the long exposure NR so a 8 second exposure becomes a 18 second one (with the processing).

Probably on the higher models it can be disabled so maybe someone can test it.

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  1. I don’t have a Sony Camera but I was thinking of buying a Sony A7, only if DSLR dashboard supports it. You think that Sony A7 can work with your application? Or it won’t be able because of lack of developer kit?

    Thanks Zoltan,

    1. These models already should work with qDD (I tested the NEX6 and a5100):

  2. hi,
    i just tested a NEX-5T and qdd (V0.2.5) connected to the camera, but the screen remained black and the camera remained in “connecting to device” for at least 10 minutes.
    Don’t know if the problem is on the camera side or on the tablet side (Android 4.04).

    Best regards

    1. Please check that no other application is trying to access the camera (like the Playmemories).
      Pair your Android wireless with the camera wireless.
      Start qDD and press the ‘Sony wireless’ button. Sometimes it needs a few retries.

  3. How can I use it with SONY A6000? The A6000 will send fotos only. What must be done in its menue? Thx

    1. You must install the ‘Smart remote controll’ camera application (at least on NEX6 and a5100 works this way). After installing it you start it and then the camera will turn into a wireless access point and you can pair your device wireless with the camera wireless.

  4. Did anyone try the Sony DSC-RX100M2 ?

    The Sony website says that WiFi is also included… if someone owns it a short reply would be great!


  5. What’s with the Panasonic GH3 and GH4? They have WiFi included.
    Would love to run the software on the GH3!!! (and on iOS;))
    Thanks for your great work and help Zoltan.

    1. I began working on Lumix support but there is no documentation from Panasonic for it so I need to figure out the protocol they use. For this I got a GM1. Would be much faster if Panasonic would release documentation for developers like Nikon and Sony do.

      1. Hi, i am also interested in the application with panasonic gh3. I think there are a lot of customers who want to use it with panasonic gh3 or gh4, because the cameras have a good working wifi and timelapse-mode built in. Thanks for your fantastic work, especialy together with LRTimelapse from Gunther Wegner!

  6. Is there also a version for Panasonic gh3 and gh4?
    Would be sweet.
    Thx for your great work.

    1. Sry. Thought my post was not working. Thx for the fast answer.

    1. It will only work with the Sony mirrorless cameras that have built in wireless (A7 series, NEX6, a5000, d5100 etc)

  7. I tried it on the Sony ILCE-7, but not a good performance yet.
    Many crashes and malfunctions.

  8. Am I to assume this software only works via a wireless connection? Trying to get a Sony a65 body connected that is wired to my iPad.

    1. Yes, as it is writen in application description only wireless connection will work. The a65 will not work. Only the mirrorles Sony models with built in wireless will work.

  9. Thanks for a great program.
    I am using qDslrDashboard on an Asus T100 ( Windows 8.1 x32 ) with a Sony a6000 running firmware v 1.10
    Things that work
    Live view, incl histograms, focus peaking, edge detection, etc.
    Power zoom control
    Shutter release

    Things that don’t work
    Any exposure controls (exposure offset, aperature, shutter speed
    AF button
    Movie record button

    Hope that this is helpful in your development of a fine product

    1. Movie recording will only work with: ILCE-7M2, ILCE-7S, ILCE-5100, DSC-HX60, DSC-HX400 and DSC-RX100M3
      AF button is not working as there is no command to start an AF drive (maybe if Sony adds one)
      Exposure controls should work while the camera is in M mode.

  10. When mode dial is set to M, exposure controls don’t seem to work. If I press the shutter speed, a fly-out appears. However, when I change the speed, nothing happens. Same with the ISO and aperture.

  11. I tried to connect my ICLE-6000 with my NEXUS 7 (1. Generation) and also with my Samsung S3. In both cases the SonyPlayMemories worked properly, but the wireless Connection with the camera could not be established. After pressing the Sony Wifi button in the top line of the main screen in qDSLRdashboard the message “searching for Sony camera” apears but nothing else. What I’m doing wrong?

    regards Harald

    1. Maybe the Playmemories application connects to camera and qDD can’t. Try uninstalling the Playmemories and then try with qDD.

      1. i’ve already uninstalled SPM but still the same behavior.
        My cam Firmware is upgradet to V1.1
        Is there anywhere to enter the Password for the WLAN direct connection?

        1. Harald, I am using an Asus T100 running Windows 8.1. If I select the select the SSID for my a6000 as my source BEFORE starting qDD, then I can consistently connect once I start qDD. If I don’t initially select the SSID for my a6000 first, I have the same difficulties in connecting. Hope his helps.

  12. Bob Y,
    many thanks for your hint. Yesterday I tried it out exactly this way before I red your post. And it worked consistently. I’m mostly interested in focus stacking, but this issue seems to be not supported by the a6000. I’m also missing the possibility to control aperture and speed manual via the tablet, but this is only possible at the cam.
    Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Think that next version will improve on Sony discovery.
      For now the Sony SDK does not contain functions that would allow moving the focus (hope Sony will add such functions). 🙁

  13. Hi Zoltan, I checked your app using a Nexus 7 and a A7S. It is quite stable, but in LR timelapse mode there seems to be no way to change the interval. Regardless of the interval I choose in the interval timer the time between shots stays at about 7 seconds.
    Another issue: As you might know there is a silent mode on the A7S which I use all the time because the normal shutter noise is a real nuisance. But when I use qDSLRDashboard the shutter is quite audible. Pity! Perhaps there is a way to change this?

    Apart from that I’m really astonished that your app is far better than Sony’s own timelapse in-camera-app which I bought recently and regretted already 5 minutes later. Real crap! My donation for your work will come soon!

    best regards and many thanx

    1. Checked the Sony documentation but there is no command for setting silent mode – maybe they add it.
      I checked the interval timer with various intervals and it worked as it should. Tested the interval ramping and that also worked. Actually the interval timer works the same for all supported cameras. It triggers the camera capture command at defined interval.

  14. Could the Sony Action Cams work with DSLR-Dashboard?
    Sony HDR AZ1
    Sony HDR AS15
    Sony HDR AS100V
    Sony HDR AS200V
    Sony FDR-X1000V

  15. Zoltan,
    I am not sure what the latest capabilities are for DSLRDashboard. I want to shoot the the ‘HolyGrail” time-lapse with your software, where it auto adjusts changing exposure.

    With this combination will it work

    Sony A7s with iPad

    1. I have a sony a77 markII. This app is not enabled for this camera?

  16. iPhone connected to Sony A7s – not allowing me to change any of the exposure settings. Actually, when I try to change the longest exposure setting in the LRTimelapse section – a dialog box pops up with no option to enter any information and the software crashes (freezes for a bit before exiting back to iOS home screen.
    With the other options I can make a selection (changing ISO, shutter speed, etc.) but it never sets the camera or changes the display within the app.

    1. I had this same problem (camera not taking updated ISO/shutter speed). I updated the firmware on the A7S and also downloaded the latest remote control app on the camera and it now works.

    1. Hi Drago
      I have a A99 to.
      Do You have a solution yet fot it?
      Did ou test this app with A99?

  17. I tried everything I could to make my Samsung S5 with my A6000, but nothing change. I have no problem with SPM, I uninstalled it, I restarted my phone, reinstalled your app but nothing work.

    1. Install the latest ‘Smart remote control’ from Playmemories.
      Start ‘Smart remote control’ on your A6000
      Pair your S5 wireless with the A6000 wireless.
      Start qDD and press the ‘Sony wireless’ button

  18. Zoltan,

    I just wanted to say thank you soo much for your work in this field. I haven’t set one up myself yet, but have used a friend’s and it’s truly amazing. Planning on getting my own setup soon and will definitely donate to the cause. Keep up the good work!!

  19. Hello I just bought your iOS app and have been trying to connect it to my Sony A7II with Smart Remote Control app. I can’t seem to connect at all. I keep pressing on the SONY WiFi icon on top on your app while the Smart Control app is running on my SONY and nothing is happening. I just see “Searching for SONY DSLR” text on the bottom for just a moment and that is all.

    Is there something that I’m doing wrong?

    1. Figured it out finally. I have to connect through WiFi settings first, then I can hit connect on your app. Got it!

  20. Dear zoltan ,
    many many thanks to you for creating this great app
    it all worked for out good for my sony A6000 ,,
    But i have some questions and i really hope you could
    answer some .. !
    – i will be shooting some wedding’s soon and as you could tell, i’m kind of 0 budget nowadays .. my concern is when would we be able to record videos with the qdd?,, and i really don’t care about being able to control it from the tablet but i just want to be able to monitor my recording and see it clearly ..
    – and do you know any alternatives for this or do you or the reader’s have any solution for me or any?..
    thank you so much… i will be happy hearing from you

  21. i want to know that will it work with SONY SLT A58? if it works then what settings will work?

  22. is it the qdd app can use to record a video by using a SONY A7 ? i meant for the example the android be a floor monitor while recording a movie . i hd tried it on my SONY A7 but it cant. help me to solve the problem. thanks

  23. i have bought sony nex 5…..can dslr dashboard work with it ??

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