qDslrDashbaord V0.2.7

V0.2.7 changelog:

– fix RAW+JPG error when entering LRT for some Canon models
– add D5500 missing property values
– Rule600 dialog save values on exit
– Rule600 dialog link camera focal length (Nikon only)
– DOF calculator dialog save values on exit
– DOF calculator dialog link camera aperture and focal length (Nikon only)
– add image format filters (all, jpg, raw) to image viewer and capture history
– add image EXIF data display to image viewer and LRT image viewer
– add ‘lock zoom and pan’ option to image viewer
– faster thumb extraction for local images in image gallery
– add Canon mirror up capture
– add mirror up delay for Canon (Off – user initiated, 1s, 2s, 3s)
– add Nikon capture delay button to left buttons
– add live view record button
– fix property dialog not positioning on current value
– add cross hair option to live view (off, single, double)
– other small fixes

Submited V0.2.7 to iTunes for review.

I also added Raspbery Pi 2 package. I only tested it with the Raspbian image. The graphics memory must be set to 512 with the raspi-config utility.