qDslrDashboard V0.2.6

This a quick fix release with the following fixes:

  • fix LRTimelapse settings dialog UI
  • add LV (live view toggle) button for DSLR that do not open/close the aperture ring in live view (Nikon D750, D800, D800E, D810, D4, D4s)
  • add aperture +/- buttons in LRTimelapse screen when aperture ramping is enabled
  • fix for some of the buttons not working in the camera properties display (live view grid, live view ascpect ratio)
  • fix for D5200 HDR mode property
  • fix for crash on Nikon DSLR when BULB capture used while live view is enabled
  • for Canon DSLR with CF+SD card added a code that should recognize if RAW is set for CF and JPG for SD so that LRTimelapse can be entered (if someone with a Canon DSLR with CF+SD card can test)
  • initial support for Nikon D5500 (wireless connection and live view)
  • did some tweaks to the image viewer so RAW files should look better

For V0.2.5 forget that I added profile support for custom bracketing, sky stacking and LRTimelapse. Will see to also add profile support for the DSLR settings.

Sony wireless additions

In the V0.2.5 version I added the following for the Sony cameras that have wireless communication

  • exposure mode button – for models that don’t have an exposure mode dial
  • capture mode button – user can select with this button between still/movie mode
  • preview image size button – with this button the user can select the preview image size after capture. On a5100 it has the option original/2M
  • zoom in/out in live view
  • added LRTimelapse support
  • add touch AF to live view – after the user touches the live view surface the camera will try to focus at that point. Unfortunately Sony touchAF is a bit odd, as while it is in touchAF mode the properties can’t be changed, only the capture button will work. To exit the touchAF mode the user needs to press the ‘AF’ button.

Regarding the LRTimelapse support I did some testing (using the qDD interval timer) and it worked good for shutter speeds shorter then 1 second. Unfortunately on a5100 there is no option to disable the long exposure NR so a 8 second exposure becomes a 18 second one (with the processing).

Probably on the higher models it can be disabled so maybe someone can test it.

qDslrDashboard V0.2.5 and updated manual

New qDslrDashboard V0.2.5 with the following additions/fixes

  • added Sky Stacking – it can create series of captures that can be then used in application like DeepSkyStacker
  • added a simple Rule 600 calculator dialog
  • moved Custom Bracketing to a separate display
  • added option to start Custom Bracketing with shutter speed set to BULB (the camera must support BULB capture)
  • added option to Custom Bracketing to use BULB for shutter speeds longer or equeal to 1 second (the camera must support BULB capture)
  • add aperture ramping to LRTimelapse
  • added BLV (bright live view) button to live view
  • added 100% zoom to image viewer (single click/touch will toggle between not zoomed/100% zoomed
  • added left/right swipe for image viewer (will display next/previous image)
  • added a toggle button to image viewer that will show/hide the buttons and the quick gallery
  • added some more properties for Sony wireless models and also enabled LRTimelapse
  • added a ‘Connection lost’ audio option
  • added synchronized starting of movie recording (all connected cameras must be in live view and in movie mode)
  • some UI fixes
  • stability fixes
  • updated the manual to reflect the changes

The files can be download at http://dslrdashboard.info/downloads/

I also uploaded the V0.2.5 for iOS devices to Apple for review