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      1. Hi, I’m new to this app. Seems like it will be great but I onky connected once. Thought I should register here.

    1. Hi Zoltan – can I use the tplink mr3040 with nikon – tried to upgrade firmware as per multiple instructions online and connect but nikon button tries to connect to nikon d810 via nikon icon on dslrdash and it tried to find wu1a dongle which I do t have (obviously) – do I need tplink in different setting – how dumb am I being? Etc etc. thanks for any advice for a confused pup

      1. Instructions to flash the MR3040 firmware is here: http://dslrdashboard.info/tp-link-mr3040-openwrt-flash/
        Instructions to upgrade the firmware (if you already have OpenWrt on the MR3040): http://dslrdashboard.info/tp-link-mr3040-firmware-upgrade/
        Latest firmware is always here: http://dslrdashboard.info/downloads/

        If you connect to MR3040 you must press the ‘Network’ button. Please check the manual that can be found on the download page.
        The ‘Nikon wireless’ button is only used for the Nikon built in wireless or the Nikon WU-1a/1b adapters.

        1. Thanks Zoltan. Excellent advice. All ok now. I have found (in 20 mins of play) a little struggle with auto focus but will persevere as these things are normally user error. Brilliant piece of kit.

  1. Many thanks for your super program, any ideas when the 0.26 Version will release on ios?

    Best Regards Willy

    1. Will try to submit over weekend for Apple review (it will be more like a V0.2.7) – add to that 7-10 days for Apple review

      1. Hi,

        I have been using this great app successfully on my iPad with a router since last year but yesterday (after a month without using it) the app does not connects with my Canon 7D. The router is ON as well is the camera but dslrdashboard does not connects to the camera.
        Do u have any idea what may be going on?



      2. Did you end up submitting version 2.7 to Apple ?
        still not seen on downloads. Will the new version be much longer with Apple review ?

        1. Not yet, added some more fixes. If everything goes as planed V0.2.7 will be released tomorrow and also submitted to iTunes for review.

  2. Ive got an iPad Air, with this Camera Connection kit. Will the Liveview work with my NikonD7000?
    Or Is Any other wired method with Ipad+Nikon out there?

  3. Hi Zoltan,

    Many thanks for your very great Programm. From the old Version i am missing the profiles Funktion that was very very helpful. Do you think to add this Feature? For me this is the only reason to use the old Version.


    1. The V0.2.6 has the profile function added to custom bracketing, sky stacking and LRTimelapse. In future version I will also add the camera profile.

  4. It’s the best piece of software out there for doing what I’m doing.
    Keep up the good work

  5. Does this work with a Canon 70D? I have an usb cable from my Android note 4 running 5.0 trying to talk to the 70D. Clicking the usb icon does nothing.

  6. Does anyone know what tablet to use for qDslrDashboard to work faster?

    I tryed DD and QDD, so far i manage to run QDD windows version super fast, almost real time feed.

    Anyone know what is QDD requierement to work faster? faster proccesor? more ram?

  7. hi,
    i use ur app with Nikon D5200 and it worked fine …(nice work)
    but i miss the HDR button is there a way to actived HDR via dslrdashboard ?
    (sorry for my poor english)

      1. ….. the camera suported HDR but i dont find a way to activted by dsldashbord … how can i send a screenshoot ?

  8. camera Nikon D5200
    galaxy tab3 7″ android 4.2.2
    i found the button it is not at the right side where are the other Buttons placed …
    if i touch for a while bottom side of the Screen a window Pop up there i find the HDR button but i cant activated it stay allways off after touch the button next Pop up menue open where i can select the HDR mode after selection it return to off … i will send u a mail (subject HDR Problem Nikon D5200)
    best regards and thx for ur Support !!

  9. …. sorry my fault HDR dont work if the camera is in RAW mode 🙁

    so if u Change the button to the right bar in next update i will happy 🙂 …. but the app is really a good Job of u

  10. I am unable to sync camera to my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. I installed 2.9 which comes up but even though the camera is plugged in, nothing comes up. Please guide me.

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