V3.6.7 released

Released qDslrDashboard V3.6.7 for Android, Windows x64, Linux x64 and macOS x64.
– added Nikon Z9
– fixed errors reported by users
– worked on Sony USB connection. USB connection to Sony cameras should work now, shutter/ISO/aperture change is possible, live view should work and capture also. Unfortunately Sony does not provide any documentation for developers so development is slow. I only have the a6300 so now trying to get some newer model as the a6300 is very limited (only can capture to controlling device, can’t list the SD card, etc) Also currently the LRTimelapse screen is not working for Sony connected with USB, still need to figure out how to implement as Sony cameras only allow property value increment/decrement
– a new AppImage format is released for Linux, you should download it, then chmod +x it and after that you can execute it

qdslrdashboard V3.6.4

qDslrDashboard V3.6.4 changes:

  • added Nikon Z6 II and Z7 II
  • added missing Canon ISO values
  • ability to automatically change the focus stacking direction at the end
  • show/hide for the LRTimelapse info display
  • various fixes

It is rolling out for Android right now.

Windows changes:

Added ability to use the UsbDK driver. With the UsbDK driver you don’t need to install the WinUSB driver anymore for the camera.

To install the usbDK driver you can use the installer available at UsbDK releases page.

You can also use qDslrDashboard to install the driver. You need to start qDslrDashboard with administrative rights for this. Go to settings page and enable the ‘Use usbDK USB acces’ option. After that press the ‘USBDK inst’ button, this will install the usbDK driver. With the ‘USBDK uninst’ button you can uninstall the driveer. After this you can exit qDslrDashboard and start it with normal user rights and use your USB connect camera.

qDslrDashboard V3.5.9 and ControlMyCamera V1.0.2

Released qDslrDashboard V3.5.9 and ControlMyCamera 1.0.2 today

most notable changes:
– ability to capture in RAW format and have quick image review using the camera JPG preview image. Only works with the ‘quick image review’ option. Only works with Nikon cameras
– ability to capture in RAW format in LRTimelapse screen and have the camera JPG preview image used for analysis and display. You can enable this in settings with the ‘Allow RAW only in LRTimelapse-mode (Nikon) option. This only works with Nikon cameras.
– added a master/slave option if 2 or more cameras are connected. With this the master camera shutter/ISO/aperture property changes are copied to slave camera(s). To use this option you first need to define the ‘master/slave’ in the bottom right part. To copy the current shutter/ISO/aperture values long press the ‘slave’ button. This only works with Nikon cameras
– added the ability to manually enter the GPS coordinates for the ‘Suncalc’ dialog 
– you can open the ‘Suncalc’ dialog from LRTimelapse screen by long pressing the ‘Auto NTC’ button
– fixes for the Canon R and RP cameras
– fixed the image sharing on Android that caused a crash
– added a standby button for Nikon Z6/Z7 cameras that can be used to wake up the camera. The button is only visible if the camera goes into deep sleep. This will only happen if the built in wireless is used and the c3 option ‘Standby timer’ is other then ‘No limit’
– other small fixes

Desktop versions (Windows, Linux, macOS) and Raspberry Pi will be available in the upcoming days.

qDslrDashboard V3.5.7 and ControlMyCamera V1.0.0

Updated qDslrDashboard to V3.5.7 on Android and iOS.
If you already purchased qDslrDashboard on iOS you can update it to the latest version V3.5.7 by first uninstalling it and then following the instructions here: https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT201272

The qDslrDashboard desktop versions (Windows, Linux, macOS) will be updated in the upcoming days.

Released ControlMyCamera V1.0.0 for iOS that replaces qDslrDashboard.