qDslrDashboard V0.1.5

Released qDslrDashboard V0.1.5 for Windows, Linux, OSX and Android

This is mostly a bug fix release

  • fixed a memory leak in image download function
  • fixed D3300 not working
  • reworked the dialog system
  • added UI scaling slider
  • Android UI scaling detection should be better now
  • image review should work now after capture for capture initiated from qDD or camera
  • Android folder selection should work now
  • added reverse correction to LrTimelapse and some small fixes
  • upgraded to Qt 5.3.1
  • upgraded OpenCV to 2.4.9
  • other small stability fixes

The downloads can be found in the download section or here:

qDslrDashboard V0.1.5 Android arm

qDslrDashboard V0.1.5 Linux (32 bit)

qDslrDashboard V0.1.5 Linux (64 bit)

qDslrDashboard V0.1.5 OSX x64

qDslrDahboard V0.1.5 Windows x86

Note: for Windows and Linux delete the qDslrDashboard folder for the previous version.

20 thoughts on “qDslrDashboard V0.1.5”

  1. Hi, Thanks for the new version and your continued work on this!
    I’ll try this on my Motorola Xoom, hopefully it’ll work .

    if not, will you also be releasing a debug version as well?

  2. Is there any date for the release of iOS version? I’ld buy that app!

      1. Hi Zoltan,
        do you have new information about the iOS release date?
        I am searching for a good working remote iOS app but no app works as good as your DSLRDasboard- app (I have tested the OSx app)

        Thanks for no information

  3. Let me know if you need beta testers… I’ve an iPad 3 jailbroken, Canon 7D and the TP-link still with original firmware.


  4. I tried both 0.1.4 and 0.1.5 on my Samsung S3. The application starts fine but LRTimeLapse auto holy grail doesn’t work at all. Once the measurment goes below the reference, it stops updating the the exposure is never updated.
    I then tried to stop auto holy grail and start it again and then it updated the values but still no changes to the exposure…


  5. Having trouble downloading qdslrdashboard vo.1.5 to my Nexus 7 2nd gen. It’s probably something I’m doing, or not doing. Just got the tablet and still finding my way around.
    Thanks for your help and this app.

    1. Open the download page on your Nexus7 and click the Android apk. It will download it to your Nexus, then in the notification area just click on the download apk and it will offer you to install it.

  6. In OSX (Mavericks) and Canon 7d, the grid in liveview doesn’t show up… I was able to find the button that enables/disables the grid mode, but even after disabling and enabling, no grid at all… No grid and no focus square… How can i choose my focus spot?

      1. Done 😉 Let’s hope that you can manage this bug, once the 7D is one of the best selling Canon cameras…

  7. Tested, 0.15 OSX can’t connect with both my Nikon D3 and D800E, I used MBPR OSX 10.92. It can’t connect the OpenWRT button. Please advise……

    1. Hi
      it works very fine for me, with Nikon D800, USB connected to my Mac Mini running OS 10.9.3 …

  8. This is the release i was waiting for. Got a Nikon D3300 and a Lenovo S6000L Tablet. Connected through the WU 1A WLAN Adapter from Nikon. Now i got live view via tablet and auto bracketing. Auto bracketing actually is not implemented in D3300 by default. THX very much!!

  9. Version 0.1.5 in my MacBook Air with OSX 10.9.4 is working fine with a Nikon D5300 via WI-FI. I am really grateful that this application exists!

  10. For any that might be interested. I have discovered something that this app. will do that was what I was really looking for. If you don’t activate Live View. You can retain full control of your cameras controls. Meaning you can hand hold your camera and take photos while looking through the eyepiece. The real beauty is that after you take a photo. It is displayed on your device for review. So if your on a portrait shoot outdoors moving around. You can hang your device from a strap. Move around and shoot and preview each photo on a larger device screen (if your have one). “Awesome”. As a bonus, you can also control your camera settings and the shutter release from your device if you choose to. All this functionality, by simply not using Live View.
    Which you don’t need if your on the move shooting. I’ve looked around, and this is by far the Best app. out there for using with your DSLR. Well done, and my sincere thanks for creating this app.

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