6 thoughts on “Delay with V0.1.6”

  1. such a great product you have built! can we expect an iphone / ipad app sometimes in the future? that would be amazing!!
    thank you for your hard work!

  2. I like the program with LRT time lapse and hope, it will work in future. Does not work with Canon EOS 5D Mark iii. After about 100 shots the camera will get Error 70 and qdslrdashboard close. I heard this problem is also with EOS 7D. I hope you can fix this problem. greetings Josef

    1. Not sure how to fix (will try to test with 650D) but the Err 70 is related to: Malfunctions related to images have been detected.
      qDD only changes shutter speed and ISO while in LRT and downloads JPG when needed.

  3. No issue here yet canon 5d mark iii using raw and small jpg. Connect wireless to android tablet. So far so good!

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