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  1. Zoltan.

    Great work. Will qDD for Ios be available through the App Store, or will there be another way of installing it?

    1. Well I hope so.
      Still need to do some fixing.
      Need to buy into Apple iOS developer program (not sure if I will have money for that right now) and after that Apple needs to approve the application (as far I know).

  2. Hi Zoltan,

    looks very good! Although I’m proud owner of a high resolution Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 since one week, it’s good to know, that your marvellous app is also running on iPads. It’s a real cross-platform software – cross-platform for camera devices and cross-platform for operating system. That’s the way software should be.

    Thanks for your excellent work.

  3. Really nice!
    Can’t await the app enter the appstore!
    I have some jailbroken Ios devices on 7.04 , so I can install unsigned ipas in case you need some testers…

  4. Goddamn if I didn’t just get my Nexus 7… seriously. on Friday… specifically for qDSLR dashboard! Well, i can always use it to… well… er… not much, really. Anyhow, I have it now – and when the iOS version is done, I’ll happily use it on my Air… but damn!

    Congrats, btw. I’d GLADLY pay $$$ for it in the app store, btw.

    1. The Nexus7 has an advantage of having USB port so you can control the DSLR with USB. The iOS solution only allows controlling with wireless using ddserver (MR3040 or other) or the built in camera wireless (Nikon WU-1a/1b/D5300 or Canon 6d)

      1. So, the charger cable, which has a USB connection where it plugs into the transformer won’t talk to the camera?

  5. I’ve got a D5300, an iPad 3 and an iPhone 4S, both jailbroken on iOS 7. I would love to test this for you if you can put it up on one of the Cydia repos. I already run DigiCamControl and DSLR dashboard on an MS surface, but even that is a bit to bulky for my taste. Having functionality like what Nikon’s WMU SHOULD have had in the first place, would be great.

  6. Hi,
    i´ve spend 1/3 of the IOS Dev money. perhaps i find the other on facebook….
    Many many many thanks for your software
    foto.ac forum

  7. Zoltan,
    das ist eine super Arbeit!
    Dann kann ich darauf hoffen, mit dem iPad2 die D800 fernzusteuern?!
    Ich hab seit 1 Tag die Installation am laufen. Jedoch kommuniziert der TP-LINK an der D800 nur mit dem Smartphone meiner Frau und das wirft ganz andere Probleme auf

    1. sorry ….
      ein Smilie hat folgenden Text abgewürgt:

      Wenn ich dann das iPad2 verwenden könnte wäre meine Frau glücklich und ich spare mir ein Android-Tablet – super Aussichten!!


  8. Go on Zoltan,

    keep up the good work. If you can bring this app to the appstore a dream will come true! I am really looking forward to use DslrDashboard on my iPad and iPhone. Can’t wait for it 😉

  9. Hey Zoltan,

    I would love to have your app on my iPad. I even thought about buying a Nexus 7 just for running your app on it, but spending 180€ just for using one app is maybe a bit crazy…

    You wrote, that you have to buy into Apple iOS developer program. To speed things up, you could put a “Donate”-Button on your website, linked to PayPal, just like Kenrockwell.com and many others.

    I think it´s great and awesome that you want to give your work to everybody for free, but I think there would be plenty of people that would love to help you to get this thing working on iOS asap.

    Greets and keep up the good work your doing!!

          1. Just donated as well Zoltan, just keep working on it an don’t give up 😉 We love to have it in our iPads 😉

            Keep us posted if you can via our emails … we d love to hear its on app store 😉

  10. Once your app is on the Apple Store, I will be happy to pay for it. In the meantime, I am making another small donation.

  11. Zoltan

    If the App is released within the Apple AppStore I’m will be happy to pay for it.


  12. Hey Zoltan!

    Great work! I already thought about buying a Nexus 7 just to get to use your app, but right now you managed to bring it to IOS, which is great as I already own an IPad and several other IOS devices. Will it work in every IOS device when finished or only on the tablets? If you need money to buy into Apple Dev I would absolutely donate and I would also pay for the App. So get the baby on the store and keep up the great work! Cheers, Christian

  13. Hallo Zoltan,

    auch von mir 10 EUR als Unterstützung für die iOS Version. Wie kommst du damit voran?

    Marciel B

  14. I donated also 10$. Hope this helps to get this soon on iOS! 😉

  15. Is there any date to the release? I’ve 20€ in the paypal account waiting for this app 🙂

  16. Zoltan,

    awesome work. Looking so much forward to your iOS version. I do own a Nexus 7 as recommended by Guenther Wegener, but actually bought it for your software only. I still prefer iPad.

    If you manage to get DSLRd operational on iOS with 6D it would be brilliant, and we are sure everyone would be happy to pay on the App Store.

    One last thing if I may offer a suggestion: please consider stopping giving away your marvelous software for free.

    Mr Wegener is charging up to EUR 300 for Lrtimelapse, and although it is cross platform and has changed the history of timelapse processing, it is still so slow.

    Your software is a masterpiece, and you should charge for it, as we are sure you dedicate a lot of lifetime to it. So again, if you charge a fair amount, you will make a better living and can afford better hardware to work and test on etc etc.

    Just my 50 ct.

    As for now,
    happy weekend

    1. I agree to “lensbug”. You implemented LRTimelapse functionality for free and GWegner charges 300 EUR for it. Hm…
      Your software allows to control wireless a cam für 40 EUR with the MR3040, all other solutions are much more expensive.

      I don’t know if you have, but: GWegner should spend to you for implementation and at least if you have an 1.0 Version, you ‘must’ charge an adequate amount.

      So, I’ve spend 25$. But it’s worth 250$. At least! (So for me and all others: Spend more and/or more often!).

      Mee too: Just my 50 ct.

  17. Will this be able to work on an iPad 2? And, will it have to be jailbroken?

    Thank you for your hard work on this!

    1. Yes, it should work on iPad 2. I hope it will be available on the Apple Store.
      I already requested an iOS Developer Program, they took the money but when I tried to activate the account I got a message that they can’t activate it.
      So hope Apple will sort this out.

      1. Thank you. Please let me know when it is available, or can I download the link you have posted and pay you through paypal?

  18. Super!

    Zoltán, brauchst du betatester ?

    habe ipad mini 64, canon 5d mark ii

  19. Hello Zlotan,
    please let me know when it is available!
    If you need a beta tester, I have a iPad mini with Retina Display.

    Great Job!

  20. I am very exited hoping your software would be available for iOS devices on the online App Store soon. I will buy it for certain for my Nikon D610 + WU-1b. Keep developing!!

  21. Hello Zoltan,

    as many of us are eager waiting for the ios version – do you have any news on the release for ios for your fantastic software?



  22. Nice work!
    A little question, nothing to do with…

    What is the 2 x USB T cables connected to the YUN and where can I find them?


  23. Hi Zoltan,

    desperately waiting for an iOS-Version (Ipad2) of your great app to use it with my Nikon D800. Can you give us (all) some news ?

    Thanks a lot !!!!!!!!!

      1. Wow – great Development!
        Which adapter will we need to purchase to connect iPad mini with canon dslr using dslrdashboard?
        Is wifi supported? (eg for the canon 6d)
        Thx! Claus

  24. Can’t wait. Do you have any news for us? Thank’s for your work!

  25. hi nice to know it will be in ios

    i have a nikon d80 and a d700 as this cameras dont have wifi will will “eye fi”card work same way as a d5300

    1. Nop, with ‘eye fi’ you can only get the images from the camera, you can’t control the camera with it. What you could use is the Tp-Link MR3040 wireless router

  26. Just donated 20.00 dollars, was going to buy camranger but am waiting for this, any news when it will be ready? thanks;)

  27. Hello Zoltan!
    Would be great!
    10$ as a little support.
    Many greatings – Ralf

  28. I can’t wait for this to come out for the iOS platform! As a quadriplegic with no hand function, this will give me a much greater independence in using my Nikon DSLR.

  29. Great to hear Zoltan.

    I donated 4 months ago and I’ve been hoping ever since!

    Thanks again!

  30. I’ve been waitting for it for a while, Thanks for your great work!
    Will it work with the Wu-1 module ?

  31. Thanks for all your great work… Please let us know when it’s up and working with the Apple IOS… really looking forward to it!

  32. …sorry in my previous comment i didn’t mean to say i have an iPad Air 2…

  33. qdslr Dashboard is available in App Store 🙂

    Costs: 8,99€

    Can i connect directly with my Canon 6D build in Wlan?

  34. i buy this app on App Store.
    I’m currently owner of iPad 3 and iPhone 5s with iOS8.
    I can normally run qdslr app on both devices, LV works well, but when i try to capture image, i see “transferring” windows but when it’s completed i see only black (blank) screen. Of course in camera picture is not black 🙁

      1. Hi,
        I’ve the same problem on iOS8 .. but now my Android-App doesn’t get a connection to the TP-Link, Wifi is ok .. do you have any explanation for this?



  35. Desperately awaiting the image (or lack of) update. I find that the app is stable on my iPad and on the iPhone 5 when used in landscape mode, very unstable in portrait mode though – very strange.

    Keep up the good work, your program is really appreciated by all 🙂

  36. Hi there – just bought the IOS App – great that´s it´s now available for ios 😉
    works fine in general, but experienced some random crashes.
    Also wifi connection gets lost sometimes, using a Canon 6D just centimeters aware from my Ipad Mini 2.

    Will there be a cable based solution to connect the ipad directly to the 6D for controlling the cam?

    is there a PDF version of the manual?

    thanks alot

  37. Got a very simple question about the usability of the app for my iPad.
    Is a wireless connection certainly required to get this work or can i go simple by attaching my ipad via apple’s camera connection usb kit to my Nikon D5500?


    1. Probably it would be possible but the CCK SDK is not available for developers. Maybe if Apple opens it for public.

  38. Can ipad be used as a larger monitor while shooting video by this way ?

      1. Not sure what DslrController has to do with qDslrDashboard. And yes you can monitor and control your DSLR with qDslrDashboard

  39. glad to heard ipad could be used as a monitor while shooting video. I will purchase the app after the 0.2.2 is available.
    By the way, is it possible to show up every new shot automatically while shooting photos without touch any button?? a app called “Shutter Snitch” has this kind of function.

    1. If you enable ‘image review’ in options then the image will be displayed after capture. If you stay in image view and do a capture with the camera release qDD will load and display the captured image.

  40. Bought a TP-link V1 router and the dashboard app yesterday. Flashing the new firmware was no problem (although I did notice differences between Zoltan’s video tutorial and what I saw on my screen, for instance the network was Enabled by default, not disabled.

    However, at times it is very difficult to connect to my Canon 5D2. More often than not, is says cannot find DSLR or something like that.

    I have managed to connect with my ipad2 on iOs7 and my iMac running Mavericks, but it’s far from stable. One thing I noticed is that my other wifi routers (a Fritzbox and an Airport Extreme) seem to jam the signal, it’s easier to get a connection if I’m in a room away from my router/computer. Is here something I can do to tell the software to just look for the TP link IP and ignore the others? I already have it set to manual IP.

    Also, I find focussing difficult. I do not see the focus rectangle on my screen that I see in the tutorials and reviews, nor can I tap the screen to focus. Have to use the little buttons.

    The video capture does not work either, I do get a video button on the left side, but it does nothing. Which movie mode should the Canon be in?

    To end on a positive note: it does transfer pictures quicker than my Eye-fi card and my main usage will be to have my ipad as an external monitor for clients or myself when shooting people in my studio.

  41. I just purchased Dashboard from Apple App Store. Having trouble getting it to work on my iPad2. Is there a good tutorial on this?

      1. I am using the Canon 6d. Dashboard loads and I think I am connected, but the screen has the dashboard icons but the rest I’d the screen is black and no control of camera.

          1. I have done that, but still do not see the camera in Dashboard. I get the tools page and hold the canon button, nothing happens. If I hold the#1 button, I guess that is the network button, I get a pop up asking for the IP address which I put in, but does not find the camera.

          2. The Canon wireless button does not have the ‘long press’ function as it uses SSDP to discover the camera. Just single press it.

  42. Hi, I´m trying to use qDD on my iPad Air… but the app is very slow, some time loose connection, crashes down, so I can´t use it…
    In opposition, qDD OS X-App works great on my MacBook!
    My equipment: Nikon D7100 + WU-1a
    Where is the Problem?

  43. Hey! I am really wanting to purchase this software for my iPad 2 and iPhone 5S as well as get the TP-Link MR3040 to setup with my Canon 5D MKii. I have a question though. I do a lot of commercial photography and I am wanting to know as I take the shots will they be viewable on the iPad wirelessly? I am not so interested in looking at a real time live view of my screen. I would like my clients to be able to hold my iPad and view the photos as they are taken from my 5D MKii. Is this possible? I read in the description that you can view or download from your cameras SD card. My camera takes Compact Flash. Thanks!

    1. Yes, if you enable ‘image review’. Best used with RAW+JPG image format, then the JPG image will be downloaded and displayed. Best you try with the OSX/Windows/Linux versions.

      1. Thank you for the quick reply! When you say try it with OS X/ Windows / Linux are you meaning that I should try a laptop with one of those OS instead of my iPad or iPhone? I am assuming to test if it works with my camera.

  44. It takes a longgg looooong time to connect between my ipad and 6D more less 15 minutes or even more

    Video button does nothing,

    And also the lag, (stop motion video like)

    Wat a frustrating and unprofessional payed app

  45. Hi Zoltan,

    I am a commercial photographer and mainly need QdslrDashboard for automated focus stacking I have already purchased the IOS app from iTunes Store for my iPad mini and also ordered the TP-Link TL-MR3040 which I should receive by this weekend. Please provide me a link to download the required firmware for the TP-Link TL-MR3040 and also a setup guide for my Nikon D810. Looking forward in using the awesome app you have developed. Will get back to you with any clarification I need in future.

  46. Hello, i have a iPad Mini 2 and will buy the QDSLRDashboard. It costs 9,99 Euro and the users wrote in the appstore, the software does not work really good. Is this old and it works now? I won´t pay ten Euro and then it´s better when I use my Android Samsung Galaxy S5

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