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  1. I have downloaded v2 but my windows 7 cannot open it any ideas how to do this

    1. Yes – on my WIN7 x64 Ultimate it’s also not working .
      But I had tried to start x32 version of program and it’s running smoothly! Thanks a lot for developer!

    1. Not that much mostly bug fixes.
      – added Sony image preview after capture
      – added capture delay
      – added live view image flip (vertical, horizontal, both)
      – Android 5.0 USB fix
      – iOS EXIF data while saving to Camera roll/Photos

      My TODO list is long and hope the upcoming releases will have more features (just to name some)
      – settings profiles
      – button customization for the left and right panels (already have some concept but will require lot of work)
      – astro photography help screen (don’t know much about it but got some tips and for start will try to implement it)
      – maybe a separate screen for the custom bracketing

      1. Autofocus on iPhone 5 and iPad Air 2 will not work using qDSLRDashboard with the Canon 5D Mark III. Also the iPad Air 2 doesn’t have the option of recording video but the iPhone 5 does. I bought the app to use with the iPad so I hope there are fixes for these two issues.

  2. Hallo,
    i’m runnig Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS Linux (64bit) on my PC.
    qDslrDashboard V0.2.3 for Linux x64 doesn’t work. qDslrDashboard didn’t found libjpeg, but libjpeg8 is installed!

    ./qDslrDashboard: error while loading shared libraries: libjpeg.so.62: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

  3. Awesome, can’t wait for the update. Sucks about the forum bugs.

  4. Looks to purely be a mysql issue, should just be checking what username/password are in the config file for phpbb connecting to the server

  5. Just wanted to say thank you for this app and to wish you happy holidays and a great 2015.

  6. I have a question. Which Software Version is the newest?
    On this site it’s 0.2.3., on Google it’s 0.30.33., on the xda site it’s 0.30.28.
    I first thought it would be the Google one, but thats from Febuary 2014.

  7. This is a great program. The LR Timelpase component is brilliant and the last update (v 0.2.3) is much more stable on my Canon 6D.
    I’m trialling a Sony A7s and can report that the basic features work with it. Good to hear that a preview after capture is coming. I’m looking forward to when you can have the LR Timelapse function working on the Sony.

    Hope you had a great Christmas and do have a happy new year.

    1. I hope in future the Sony part will be improved. I’m hoping that will get a 5100 for testing/developing sometime in February.

  8. Trying to use it on my Sony a7s, but it can control the aperture or the obturate… ¿Are you going to fix these problems?

  9. Im using canon 6D and ipad
    The wireless connection is lag (like bad stopmotion) is it normal?

    When i hit the video button, nothing happen, and there’s a text shown on my 6D that i have to turn the wifi off to record some movies, is it a bug?

  10. Hello!
    I am looking for a user manual for dslrdashboard, version 0.30.33, if possible in french.
    I look for but don’t found it.
    Is the manual existing?
    Thanks for your answer
    P. Ayrault

  11. Hello Zoltan,
    it doesn´t run on my Panasonic Toughtbook with Centrino Duo and Intel Intel945GM Graphic under XP Tablet PC edition 2005 Version 2002 ServicePack3,
    only a black screen an a white window on the right top.
    Do you have a older XP Version? Or must i use Win7/8?
    Best reegards and thank you very much !! Great Work!!

  12. Hello again,

    it will not run 🙁
    It stops with a error message. I use the right x86 .dll.
    I have buy the iOS Version too, no conetion to my 100D with
    flashed TR3040.
    I must sleep other that problems :-/
    I´m not happy 😉

    Thank very much
    Best regards

  13. I am using qdslrdashboard with a Nikon 7100 connected to a galaxy S 8 tab. I primarily want to use this program for two reasons. One is to tether for still shots and Two is to record video with a monitor. Is there any way to watch the videos recorded from within this program… Thank you very much…

  14. Fantastic program, and MUCH appreciated.
    Only 1 issue – I lose all tethering ability in Lightroom 5.7 when I install the Zadig USB Windows driver . I need that driver for QDSLR to work, but then lightroom is cripled. I have to uninstall the driver for LR to see my D600.
    Does anyone else have this issue? Thanks.

  15. Hi Zoltan thans for the great program, it works fine with my D90. I showed it to a friend a few weeks ago. He tried to buy the same TPlink MR 3040 router but it seems stores are sold out and the item is discontinued. Do you know whether there is an another routerdevice which is compatible ?

  16. Hi – I was wondering if the forum was close to being back online? I have flashed my MR-3040 and using qdlsrdashboard can connect to my Nikon D300 via the network connection but I am unable to get it to work with the wifi. Is there anywhere else i can ask questions since the forum is down?

  17. Which version do the app do I need to download for my samsung galaxy tab 4 please?

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