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  1. mac pro 5.1 running window 7 pro using bootcamp. when running qDslrDashboard_nmx and hitting the Moco button my system fail to connect to the nmx controller through blue tooth. When i just use the computer to find blue tooth devices it finds my phone and mouse so the bluetooth is working. Can you help me connect to the nmx ?
    I would like to help with the beta.
    Thank you John

  2. I also tried to connect to DDserver and it did not connect to the router i have set up either. I have used qdslrdashboard on my ipad to control my camera through the TP-Link router and that works great. Please help with my windows 64 version.
    Thank you John Barnett
    PS. This is an awesome product. Thank you for all your work.

  3. John again: After reading your site a little more it appears that bluetooth is only available on Linux. So I down loaded Zadig and turned on the NMX and pluged in the usb and then ran zadig. It found the dynamic perception nmx and I downloaded the driver. I then ran dslrdashboard_nmx.exe and it does not connect to the nmx that way either. Please help with the connection. John

    Thank you

  4. I have a mac pro 5.1 run win pro 7 using bootcamp. installed winusb and DslrDashboard_nmx.exe. my computer finds other blue tooth devices like my phone and the mouse , however it does not find the NMX controller. Also when I use DslrDashboard and hit the Moco button it also does not find the NMX. I also tried to connect using usb and that did not work either. I also tried to connect to my TP-Link router using the software on windows platform and that did not work either. The ipad version finds the TP-link and works great. Please help me connect using the windows platform version with the nmx motor control. I would really like to help with this Beta. Thank you.

  5. sorry for the duplicate post. It did not show up so I recreated it.

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