9 thoughts on “qDslrDashboard V0.1.7”

  1. First of all Thanx for the great Work. I just bought me an Android Galaxy 3 Tablet to use this app. The playstore Version works fine. But the newer Updates (1.07 and 1.06) dont even start. Just a black Screen and the app carshes after some seconds. Im on Android OS 4.4.2.
    Does anyone else have this issue ?? Am im doing something worng ? Please Help

  2. Thank you very much! In my nexus 7(2012) the app stops working and I get a error on my camera….

  3. Hi….
    Thanks to your for development this great tool.ould you please explain more about Auto Correction 40%? When and How to use it. thanks

  4. I bought the Galexy Tab 4 just so I could use the QDslrDashboard with the Canon 6D via Wifi. I made the wifi connection and the image appears. None of the options cam be read? Not legible?

  5. Hallo,

    I just tried to install DslrDashboard VO,1,7 (32 Bit) on my Samsung NC10 Netbook under Windows 7 (SP1) – but it doesn’t work. It works without Problems on my iMac under Windows 8.1 (64 Bit Version).

    Do you have an idea, what the Problem is?

    Many thanks


  6. Works great with 4.4.2 on a note 3 and a Nikon D610 with wifi-adapter.
    Only anoying thing is the picturedimension is 6016x 3376 instead of the usual 6016 x 4016.
    Am I doing something wrong?

  7. Should I use the v0.1.7 for android posted on this website or v0.30.33 in google play? Is it the same? Anyway, I have tried with v0.1.7 for android and works perfect with my d5300.

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