Cactus blooming

Was doing some testing with qDD and LrTimelapse and here is what came out.

I used the Nikon D7100 with 18-55mm objective and the Canon 650D with 18-55mm objective. Unfortunately I only have 1 battery for each so I needed to change the cameras in the middle of blooming. A cheap Chinese external intervalometer was used with both cameras. For tripod I used the Velbon VS-443D. And of course my Wife’s cactus was used. 🙂

The sequence was capture from 17:30 till 23:00. Next morning it alreadz withered. 🙁

For first part (D7100) qDD was running on my Windows 7 notebook, for second part (650D) qDD was running on Nexus7 (2012).

Slowest shutter speed was set to 15″ and max.ISO to 3200 (but gone only to 1600). Interval was set to 18″. In the second part I made a mistake and closed my notebook that was in the room behind .

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