Interval Controller

The Interval Controller (IC) is an advanced interval timer that can control multiple channels.


After entering the IC screen the user should set the ‘Sequence duration’ (1). Under ‘Total frames’ the user can see how many captures are required to get the selected sequence duration with the current interval.

Under ‘Available channels’ (2) there is a list of channels that can be used with this interval controller, in my case these are the channels for the connected NMX Controller on address 3 ( NMX Slider, NMX Pan, NMX Tilt, NMX Camera) and the connected Nikon D5000 (DSLR D5000).

There are currently 4 types of channels:

  1. Interval – this is the interval channel and is always the first channel and it can’t be deleted
  2. NMX Motor – these are the channels for the connected NMX Controller motors (slider, pan, tilt)
  3. NMX Camera – these are the channel for the connected NMX Controller cameras
  4. DSLR – these are the channels for the connected DSLRs

The user can add the channel to the interval controller graph (4) by simply dragging the channel name to the interval controller graph (4) and dropping there. After the channel is added to the interval controller graph it name will be listed under ‘Channels’ (3)

By clicking on the registered channel name (3) the user can change the channel parameters if it supports it.  The following channel parameters are currently available:

  • interval – the starting interval can be changed
  • NMX motor – the motor starting position can be changed
  • DSLR – this channel support the ‘Perform capture’ option (if enabled the capture command will be sent to this DSLR) and the ‘Capture finished notification’ (if enabled this DSLR capture finished notification will be used for motor movement).

Channels also support operators that will change the channel value over defined time with an applied easing. Currently the ‘Interval’ and ‘NMX Motor’ channels support operator. Operators can be added by dragging the channel from the channels list (3) to the interval graph area (4). After the channel is dropped the operator dialog will be shown where the operator parameters can be changed(duration, easing, end value).

It is hard to describe all the functions so here is a small video demonstrating the NMX Controller integration and the new Interval Controller

5 thoughts on “Interval Controller”

  1. Hi Zoltan i would be interested in helping you beta test this on android Platform when a build available.Thank you great work !

  2. Can’t wait for this to work with the emotimo TB3!!

    …or wishful thinking?

  3. Love the idea of NMX and camera control in one app. Will NMX control be available via USB as well as Bluetooth or will I have to buy a new IPad with BLE?

    1. On mobile platform (Android, iOS) it will work over BLE
      On desktop platforms it will work with USB (on Linux and OSX it will work also over BLE)

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