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  1. Hi Zoltan,

    just as hint: there is the same issue with the ddserver downloads.

    Thanks for the great pieces of software!

  2. I was able to load the V02.2 for iOS but have no idea how to update the iPad app with this file. Is there anybody who can help me?

  3. I tried to email you Zoltan to the support@dslrdashboard.info address and it got kicked back to me. I have a personal request and wanted to discuss it with you. Where can I email you at?

  4. Unfortunately, the app does not work properly on ios 8!
    Photos are not passed to the Ipad, there is a black display appears. The image screen also displays nothing. Too bad, because otherwise the app is really great. greetings Gero

  5. wow this is awesome!
    i figured out how to make my own camranger long ago, and i’ve been using it ever since..
    i have to admin that I kinda like your ios app even better! only problem i had is that the app crashes every now and then.. and once it crashes there’s no way to getting it back to work other than resetting the ipad..
    btw i’m using an ipad air updated to the very last ios 8.0.2

    Great work! keep it up!

  6. will dslr dashboard available for olympus omd e m1

  7. Hi,
    It has been difficult to establish exactly how focus stacking actually works on the dslrD. I have surmised:
    You focus manually (in LV) on the first part of the image, then step through a series of focus points on the image, manually using the arrows on the viewing pad, ending with the last image part in focus. This calculates the number of image
    “Slices” in focus. You then set focus stacking telling it that number of images and the direction, and reset the first focus point. It then moves through all the focus planes (number of calculated images) automatically. Is that correct?

    Joe Caffery

    1. Yes, the next version will have focus point definition. So what you can do is remember the focus and then use that in focus stacking for start or end point.

  8. Hi Zoltan,

    Great contribution to many photographers. Thank you.

    I bought the iOS app and it works fine with either the Wu-1b for my D600 or the TP-Link router for the D800 together with an iPad or an iPodtouch.

    However, only the TP-Link router seems to work when using qDslrdashboard on my Mac (Mini). There is no Nikon option on the main menu and the wifi connection option does not connect to the Wu-1b.

    I am trying to connect to the D600 and the Wu-1b.

    Is there something wrong with what I am trying to do or is this currently not supported.

    1. On all platform the buttons should be there (including the Nikon wifi). Can you maybe make a screen shoot? Do you use the latest version (V0.2.2)?

          1. I downloaded the V0.1.7 from the Download menu and under Mac OSX.

            I get the strange messages when trying to download qdslrdashboard v02.2 from the homepage and left hand side.

  9. OK, I downloaded V02.2 from the Meda link but I can’t connect to the D600.

    I get the message:
    Failed to connect to Nikon Wu-1a/1b/D5300

    However, when I try to connect with my iPad it works.

    Also, the Google Drive link above also gives me that strange foreign language message.

    1. How do you connect to D600? For the TP-Link you must click the ‘Network’ button. For a Nikon WU-1a/1b/D5300 you must click the ‘Nikon Wireless’ button.
      If you use the TP-Link you can try and long press the network button and enter the IP address of the router ( by default)

      1. Connecting to the D600 using an iPad via the Wu-1b works using the Nikon button.

        Connecting to the D600 using an iPad via the TP-Link modem also works either via the touch only network button or the long press network button (192….).

        Connecting to the D600 using a Mac Mini via the TP-Link modem also works.

        The problem was and is connecting to the D600 using a Mac via the Wu-1b. With qDslrdashboard 0.1.7 version there was no Nikon button, so no possible connection at all. But with V0.2.2 even though there is a Nikon button I am getting a “Failed to connect to Nikon Wu-1a/1b/D5300”.

  10. Hi Zoltan,
    I get a fail message every time I try to download qdslr dashboard from mega. I have the app but it simply does not work ;(
    Do you have another link pls? Maybe Google Drive or Dropbox or something like this?
    Thank you very much

  11. I just bought dslrDashboard from the App Store but I can’t get it to run on my iPad 1 running iOS 5.1.1. The app starts (goes to a mostly black screen with some nav buttons) but closes immediately. Any thoughts?

    1. I am using an iPad 1 and can connect to my D600/D800 so it can’t be a problem with qDslrdashboard.

      My iPad crashes/hangs, does all sorts of things, so I am re-booting it regularly.

      Try closing all apps first and then re-boot the iPad and try again.

    2. I was never able to make qDslrDashboard work with my iPad 1, even after resetting the iPad to factory defaults and having no other apps installed.

      Not to worry. I love this app so much (I’ve been using the PC version for a while) I upgraded to an iPad 3 with iOS 8.1 and am happily snapping away with my Nikon cameras. I now use the iPad almost exclusively for my photo shoots. Thank you, Zoltan, for this wonderful boon to photographers.

  12. Hello, first let me say that this is a workflow dream come true. i have been searching the internet for a solution like this for some time now. Very happy to buy this on the app store. Thank you very much for the great work.
    so i tested this last night quickly.
    i am running this on a D7100 w/ wu-1a on an ipad mini 2.
    from my understanding i am able to control camera functions from within the app.
    so in live view am i able to change aperture, iso, and shutter speed?
    i wasnt able to do so. maybe im missing something or maybe these features are not available on the d7100.
    tried looking through all the threads before posting this question cant find an answer.

    1. Yes you can. I actually also own a D7100. The only thing is that the D7100 live view does not reflect those changes (think that only the D8xx models do that).
      If you in movie mode then you have separate controls for shutter/ISO (there is aperture to but can’t be changed)

  13. Have a Nikon d810.
    Can I use a WU-1b or do I have to use the TL-MR3040 Wireless Router. That router is awfully bulky. Are there others to use?

  14. I am considering downloading this app to my galaxy s5 however I’m unsure it will work bcuz my Nikon isn’t Wi-Fi compatible. I have the D3200. It’s confusing considering a cord is needed for the dslr-android connection. The app only has specifications for the android and not for the camera needing to have Wi-Fi connectivity.

  15. Greetings, buy DslrDashboard v0.3.0 application
    and I is not working with my mini ipad mini version of my ipad is 8.3 and my iphone version is 8.1.2 and does not work in so little. But if it works with my macbook pro.
    What can I do?????

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