qDslrDashboard V0.2.1

Here is the V0.2.1 for Android, Linux and Windows (OSX will come tomorrow)

Android ARM

Linux x64

Linux x86

Windows x64

Windows x86

Only executables – you can use these if you already have V0.1.7, just unpack the archive and overwrite the old V0.1.7 executable with the new one

Linux x64 executable

Linux x86 executable

Windows x64 executable

Windows x86 executable

The V0.2.1 is almost a complete rewrite of the V0.1.7. Mostly I needed to do this so I can add Sony support (probably Lumix also in future) but also needed to rewrite the UI handling

New in this version

  • Audio initiated capture (will see to make a video how to use it)
  • Sony support (for now very basic)

Improved or changed:

  • image review will prioritize JPG files (in an upcoming version I will add an option that can override this and prioritize RAW files
  • if qDD enters the image viewer for an image review it will stay there until the user exits it and it will display the upcoming captured images (captured with the camera capture button)
  • gallery is now dynamically created and only the visible items are displayed/loaded
  • thumbs are created in a separate thread and only when needed (as soon the user exits the gallery all the scheduled thumbs are removed from queue)
  • added option to delete the created thumbs upon application exit
  • the is a live view record option that will record the live view during movie recording (currently does not work on Android)
  • UI is now dynamically loaded so should use less memory
  • The A/B focus is not yet implemented as need to rewrite it
  • lot of small fixes

8 thoughts on “qDslrDashboard V0.2.1”

  1. I’m getting an error when I try to download. Seems that the page isn’t available?

      1. Sorry, my bad. Stupid proxy on my work…. Thanks for this wonderfull application!

  2. Is it possible to port to app to windows 8 phones or surface RT devices?

    1. The upcoming Qt 5.4 release should fully support Win RT and Windows 8.1 so theoretically should be, the only problem is that I don’t own such a device and don’t have money to invest into it. Will see if I could do some test in WP Simulator when 5.4 is out.

  3. I installed 0.21 but now it’s not possible anymore to connect to my 6D over the internal WiFi. The program starts searching for a canon dslr and just nothing happens.

      1. Its good to know theres a problem… i thought already it’s my fault

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