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  1. Hello Zoltán,

    At first – thanks so much for transporting dslrdashboard to Apple devices

  2. After have installed your app for Android in a samsung tablet with android ver 4.2.2, it does not work. I mean the screen becomes black and after a few seconds the app is closed .
    Can you help me with this trouble?
    Is it a version problem of android?
    Do I have to install anything else before?
    Thanks for the support

    1. Actually I was trying yesterday to get an Android x86 build in the Genymotion to run but had no luck. If you like mail me and will send you the build maybe on real device it will work.

  3. Hi having problems with this version !!!!!
    card total on version 1.7 right hand bottom click on it brings pics up sill not work on 2.2 then when you click on the pic menu it brings it up and click on the phone tab the one on the far left it blows out not all the time but it happens using a canon 5 d mark 2 and samsung 10.1 2014 edition.

  4. Zoltan – Thanks for all your Hard Work ! Just got a D750 and it connects!!! and i can take photos!! – the live view doesn’t work however. The older version didn’t work at all so this is great. I am using 2.2 on a Mac ( I also bought your iOS btw million times better than the Nikon effort will be trying out the iOS 8 version as soon as Apple finally updates. Thanks again for all your efforts I really appreciate it.

    1. Thanks. Can you please on OSX go into ‘System Information.app’ under ‘Utilities’ and under ‘Hardware->USB’ check the D750 vendorId and productId. This is for Nikon D5000 I have
      NIKON DSC D5000:

      Product ID: 0x0423
      Vendor ID: 0x04b0 (Nikon Corporation)
      Version: 1.00
      Serial Number: 000006385695
      Speed: Up to 480 Mb/sec
      Manufacturer: NIKON
      Location ID: 0x02100000 / 2
      Current Available (mA): 500
      Current Required (mA): 2

  5. This is what I have: NIKON DSC D750:

    Product ID: 0x0437
    Vendor ID: 0x04b0 (Nikon Corporation)
    Version: 1.00
    Serial Number: 0000003006883
    Speed: Up to 480 Mb/sec
    Manufacturer: NIKON
    Location ID: 0xfd120000 / 4
    Current Available (mA): 500
    Current Required (mA): 2

      1. Live view is working! Thanks again for all your effort!

      2. Hi Zoltan,

        Thanks for all the great work and effort. Re: Nikon D750, have you a version Windows x64 to test please? I also get no LiveView but it will trigger and push.

  6. Just downloaded the x64 version of the software to solve a shoot problem tomorrow, really please with it and have donated a small sum to you as I wasn’t asked to pay for the software.

    Is there anyway I could use the camera to take pictures and just use your software to download the images to the computer for immediate viewing on a monitor – in other words a studio setup?

    1. With 0.2.2 you can. Enable ‘image review’ in options and it will download and display the image after capture (works with qDD capture button and with camera release button to) (it has a JPG priority if you shoot in RAW+JPG).
      If you stay in image and do another capture (with camera release button) it will be downloaded and displayed)

  7. I saw an old post saying that this app was updated for compatibility with Pentax K-r. I cannot get it to connect with my K-r now, so is it no longer compatible, or am I doing something wrong?

    1. Currently only Nikon and Canon DSLR are support (and basic Sony wireless). I added a generic class for handling the other PTP DSLR but it is not finished yet.

  8. Using OSX x64 V0.2.2 the app will not to connect to my 6D, nothing happens. Any ideas?

  9. Hi, I’ve tried both USB and the 6D’s built-in wifi, nothing happens when I click the relevant buttons in the software.

    1. I reset all the camera’s wifi settings and got it working now. Thanks @Zoltan / @Cathy.

  10. I’m wondering to use my TL-MR3020 router and Canon650D. Before i tinker any further, would you kind sir, give me advice about this router. Is it possible or not.
    Thank you very much.

      1. My TL-MR3020 already running Openwrt 12.09, i’ve flashed it yesterday. I’m installing ddserver ipk file.
        What setting do i have to make then.
        Thank for the response.

        1. Just install the ddserver ipk with opkg and that should do it.
          Check in System->Startup or in a ssh that ddserver is installed and started. To have auto discovery working set the ‘IPV4 broadcast’ for your ‘LAN’ interface.

          1. This App works on TP-Link TL-MR3020 using PC or Android as client. Never thought it’ll be simple to installed. Just set the network and wifi correctly, and it’s done.
            Thank you again.

  11. After installing dslrdashboard server, all other feature in TP-LINK TL-MR3020 router like usb 3g modem, transmission torrent, etc still work. You just need to use ext-root. (In case someone need to know about it 🙂

  12. Hi Zoltan,
    thank´s for your great work. You are the man! 🙂
    I have a D750 since last weak, will this Camera supportet in your next update (Android, Nexus 5)? If i can help you with any test, let me know.

    1. Hi, yes I also have just purchased a D750 – the WU2 wireless interface does not connect to my android tablet (my D5300 is great!) – if I can be any help, please let me know

      1. As far I know the D750 wireless works with qDD V0.2.3. Pair your device wireless with the D750 wireless and then in application press the ‘Nikon Wireless’ button.

  13. Hi Zoltan
    Great job! I am using Nikon d750 with HP slate Extreme tablet running Android 4.42. I can read all setting in app for camera but not see see live view. App crashes when I click button to see live view. Any suggestions? Thanks

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